All vehicles are geared for up to five encoders and six receivers.

In combination with high-power amplifiers, unique to this segment, these SNGs are predestined for multiple-channel transmissions in SCPC and/or MCPC.

The maximum RF output of the system is 72.5 dBW. Detailed multi-carrier test transmissions were carried out in cooperation with Eurovision.

Special attention was paid to the generous spatial design of the vehicles to include up to five comfortable workstations.

All signals can be measured, monitored and configured with the appropriate video and audio monitoring.

Playouts are possible in various formats.

The audio concept has been resolved completely digitally. All signals are processed either on the AES level or embedded. Dolby-EŠ sound signals are transmitted on a regular basis.

All vehicles have state-of-the-art intercom solutions. And they can all establish a communications range via satellite for standard intercom solutions. This enables completely new solutions in communications.

A 32A-CEE connection is the only requirement for operating the broadcast vans. If necessary, however, the SNGs can also work independently of available power sources by means of their own generator.

ll vehicles are currently in operation. Since their completion at the beginning of the 2007/2008 season, they have been successfully broadcasting the premier and second division Bundesliga games for Sportcast GmbH on behalf of the DFL, as well as various other events.